Pregnancy in the Time of COVID-19

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience you would have had so far. As your delivery date draws closer, you would have several mixed thoughts running in your mind. You would be filled with exhilarating joy and at the same time may be anxious, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Don?t let COVID-19 mar that experience. While the world is trying to deal with this pandemic, all you need to do is take care of your own health and plan for the bundle of joy which will be arriving soon!

Are you at an increased risk if you are pregnant?

Not really. There is no research which conclusively says that a pregnant woman is at a higher risk of contracting the virus. Moreover, there is no evidence of vertical transfer from a mother to a child in the womb. So even if a mother gets infected, the child can be protected by maintaining physical distance and giving optimum care.

What about your prenatal visits?

Your prenatal visits will also be curtailed, and you can go for online consultations. Only when it is absolutely necessary, your doctor will ask you to personally visit. Remember, you receive more care than a healthy woman needs during pregnancy, so there is room for reduced number of visits, without being a cause of concern to the child and mother.

Don?t worry, you will not receive less care than you need during these times. Have faith, your doctor knows what is best for you.

What precautions should you take?

Pregnant women are always advised to exercise extra caution. Just add a few more precautions and you will be fine.

1.       Maintain distance from a family member if he or she has cold or fever.

2.       Wash your hands frequently, specially before eating anything.

3.       Maintain a healthy diet to boost your immunity. Include Vitamin C rich foods.

4.       Visit a doctor immediately if you have symptoms like dry cough, fever, sore throat, headache or fever.

What should you expect during delivery?

Hospitals are taking efforts to minimize person-to-person transmission. This could mean restriction on visitors and also early discharge from hospital.  Though your stay in hospital may not be exactly what you expected, be rest assured that the hospital staff will take the best possible care you deserve at this stage. Hospitals would be screening all the medical staff and visitors to ensure that the mother and child are not put at a risk of contracting the virus.

The key is to stay positive and be prepared for what lies ahead. You may not be able to fulfill your wish list of getting a prenatal photo shoot, or having your loved ones present during your delivery. But this is the worst part. The best part is you will receive all necessary care and deliver a healthy baby. Your doctor will be there to guide you throughout to ensure that your pregnancy remains blissful.

There is a bun in the oven!

Pregnancy is an overwhelming experience for any woman. Practically, everyone around the soon to be mom is super excited. Advices keep pouring in. Be it the friendly neighbor next door or even an elderly woman you run into at the store, no one hesitates to impart some ‘gyaan’ so that you can take care of yourself better.

There are many do’s and don’ts that women are advised. The sources of these suggestions are not always reliable. Some cautions may be proven scientific facts, others may just be hear day things, passed down through generations.

A pregnant woman experiences many changes, both physical and emotional. Your doctor can offer you the right guidance on how to take care of yourself during this critical stage of your life.

The Most Challenging Face

The first trimester can be very difficult for women. Morning sickness prevails all day, you may feel sluggish even after 10 hours of sleep, not feel hungry at all or crave for something to eat all day. Don’t worry, this too shall pass.Your doctor will guide you about the right exercises that you can do at this stage. He or she will also suggest a balanced diet along with the right supplements like Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium.

Some Relief Finally

The second trimester generally eases out things. Ensure that your diet has ample iron, calcium and Vitamin C. Your doctor will advise you regular scans and checkups. Do not miss any appointment or delay tests. These are important for the wellbeing of you and your little one.

The Last Mile

This is the most critical stage of pregnancy. It is extremely important to continue your exercise routine after consulting with doctor. You are preparing your body to deliver the baby. There are some special workouts that help women strengthen her pelvic floor and make her body more flexible to assist in easy delivery.

As your baby is growing, sleep may start evading you. Pamper yourself with healthy food and some foot spas, your baby is going to change your life forever.

Some Important Consideration
There are a few things you should consider throughout your pregnancy. You should know what could harm your baby so that you can ensure a safe pregnancy.

  1. Diet: This is very important, and you should know what to eat and what not. Alcohol is a hazard and should be avoided to ensure healthy fetal development. Caffeine intake should also be limited. Besides, there are some other foods which should be avoided like artificial sweeteners, unpasteurized cheese and milk, raw eggs, certain types of seafoods which contain high mercury levels.
  2. Medicine: There are some OTC medicines that you may have been taking all your life. Consult your doctor before taking anything during pregnancy. Also, share your concerns about any natural remedies or supplements that you are contemplating. A doctor will prescribe the drugs which are safe during pregnancy so that your baby’s development is not affected.
  3. Exercise: While it is extremely important to work out, only an expert can guide you on what you can do and what you should not. Walking is considered as the safest form of exercise and is recommended to pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy.
  4. Air Travel: This is generally safe till the 36th week. A doctor will advise you if you have a condition like high blood pressure, history of miscarriage or any other complications that requires you not to travel.

It is important to keep things in perspective and not spend too much time in worrying. Cherish these moments. Trust your doctor to guide you in the right path to make your journey a memorable one.

Natural is Beautiful

The news of pregnancy brings tremendous joy along with a sense of responsibility. It is natural to feel anxious  for every small decision since it will have an impact on the little life growing inside you. One such important decision is the manner of childbirth.

Natural childbirth is a hotly debated topic. Most women these days are aware of the benefits of natural childbirth and are keen on bringing their child into the world without undergoing surgeries. A natural childbirth is the birth of a baby through the vagina through spontaneous labor which generally occurs around the 40th week of gestation.

Normal delivery ensures shorter stay in the hospital and makes the recovery faster. It also offers a host of benefits to the baby. The  baby receives beneficial bacteria when it passes through the birth canal which boosts its immunity. The hormonal changes that happen during the process of normal delivery clears the fluid that are present in the baby’s lungs while in the womb. Moreover, a mother who delivers her child normally, is more likely to engage in early breastfeeding.

Choosing the right gynecologist is very important during this critical phase of life. An experienced doctor with the right expertise can ensure that this journey remains blissful. Women often chose a doctor whose values are in line with their own and the one who can be considerate towards their needs and expectations.

Dr Suman Lal is one such experienced doctor in Gurgaon, who in 25 years of experience in this field has helped innumerable expecting mothers in their journey.She specializes in natural childbirth and pain less delivery.

She advocates normal delivery and can handle complex cases with ease. With her warm and considerate attitude, she has helped many women overcome anxiety related to normal delivery and helped them take informed decisions. She also specializes in vaginal birth after cesarean (vbac).

It is natural for a first time mother to have many apprehensions which only a skilled caregiver can answer. Dr Suman Lal is extremely patient in dealing with the expecting mothers and ensures that they do not undergo any unwanted stress.

Physical fitness and a healthy diet are very important for a healthy pregnancy. There are many exercises which a woman can do safely even while she is pregnant. It strengthens muscles and helps during contractions. Dr Suman Lal, counsels her patients and helps them make healthy choices during their pregnancy which helps them have a safe delivery.

It is important to understand that the priority of your doctor is to ensure a risk free delivery. There are certainly cases in which cesarean is necessary to avoid complications. The doctor will assess the situation and opt for a surgery if deemed necessary. This is also perfectly normal as the main aim is a healthy child and mother.

The main aim of any doctor is a healthy child and mother. So, no matter how you deliver your child, all you courageous, you deserve a round of applause.